“The work and joy of the Church is to help each child discover and reflect upon their unique and beloved identity as a child of God.”

Grounded in the rich traditions of Scripture, prayer and practice, Lake Shore is a community that encourages individuals to cultivate a life-long process of spiritual growth through prayer, meditation, Sabbath, study, worship and service. Children are cherished members of this family, and their nurture and inclusion are vital to our life together.

Our Children’s Ministry strives to support parents and caregivers in their great work of parenting while valuing children and families as contributing members of the Church and world.

Together we strive to provide a lovingly consistent, safe place for children to face the challenges of growth with the presence of others and God.

Sunday Mornings

9:30-10:35 a.m. Sunday School
10:45 a.m. Worship Service and Extended Care

Sunday School

Sunday School is the heart of children’s spiritual formation here at Lake Shore. The consistency of meeting weekly with peers and guiding teachers to interact with Scripture provides a foundation for children to build their faith and move toward personal commitment to God through Jesus Christ.

Infants: Room 102

Toddlers: Room 105

K – 2nd grade: Room 206

3rd-6th Grades: Room 208


Because faith is caught more than it is taught, our community believes in the value of the generations worshiping together. First through sixth graders worship with their families. Worship bags are provided to help younger children participate in the service and quietly work.

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are invited to sit on the front row as a group and take in all the sights and sounds – the music of the organ and piano, the smiling faces of the choir, the colors of the banners and vestments, the light of the candles, and the silence for prayers. All children are invited to the front for the children’s sermon. Following Children’s Time, the preschoolers and kindergarteners are escorted back to their classroom for extended care.

Wednesday Nights

Missions, Music, & More
Preschool/Kinder 1st-6th graders
6:00 Playground 6:00 Playground
6:15 Music 6:35 Music & Prayer
6:45 Playground 7:10 Playground
7:30 Good Night! 7:30 Good Night!

On Wednesday Nights we gather for further fellowship and enrichment. In the life of a Lake Shore kid, that means eating supper with the church family, running and playing with our church friends on the playground, and learning something new. Music is woven throughout each meeting together.

Missions Day Camp, June 2017


What Lake Shore children look forward to each year:

  • Receiving a brand new Bible at the First Grade Bible Presentation
  • Learning about worship in our What’s Worship? class
  • Praying for our pets at the Blessing of the Animals service
  • Leading worship on Children’s SabbathCollecting candy at Trunk or Treat
  • Lighting Advent candles
  • Choosing a act of service from the Missions Tree
  • Decorating Christmas cookies at our Preschool Cookie Decorating Party
  • Waving palm branches on Palm Sunday
  • Choosing a soup bowl at the Palm Sunday Missions Soup Bowl Supper
  • Ringing bells and placing flowers on the cross on Easter Sunday
  • Hiking at the Spring Retreat
  • Riding bikes at the Missions Bike-a-thon
  • Going out into the community and serving at our summer missions day camps –
  • Li’l Helping Hands, Helping Hands, Bridge Builders
  • Singing and acting with other children at Music Camp
  • Swimming, worshiping, playing, creating, thinking, being together at Children’s Camp
  • Flying down the zip-lines at the Sixth Grade Celebration Trip
  • Remembering all the good times at the Children’s Ministry Year-In-Review