In the decade following the close of World War II, the population of Waco expanded north and west toward the lake. Sensing a need for a new church in that rapidly growing part of town, Dr. W. W. Melton, pastor of Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, and a number of lay members conceived the idea of establishing a mission in the area. In 1957 the dream began to become a reality when the church purchased a three and one-half acre lot on Bishop Drive for $14,000. Although Dr. Melton retired before the mission was organized and others saw the project to fruition, his efforts and encouragement were of major importance in the success of the undertaking.
           The mission thrived, meeting in school gymnasiums for the first several years.  In 1959, the congregation voted to organize as a separate church and in 1960 contracted to build the present church structure.  Through a series of creative and innovative pastors, Lake Shore built a solid foundation and came to have its own personality and direction, breaking away from traditional moorings.  The congregation has become known in the community as the “alternative church,” attractive to Baptists and non-Baptists alike, and has developed a reputation for community involvement and ecumenical awareness.

For more detail, CLICK HERE to see the document that we compiled on our 50th Anniversary in 2009.