We have moved to online distribution of our membership directory, because that will allow us to keep it continually up to date.  If you have trouble with the online system, you can request a printed copy of the directory.

If you have given us permission to share your contact information in our online directory, you will be able to access the directory by registering at this site (CLICK HERE), using the same email address that you provided for the directory:

If you have not yet provided a family or individual photo for inclusion in the directory, please send one to photos@lsbcwaco.org.

After you have registered on the site, you can also install an app on your iPhone (CLICK HERE), Android (CLICK HERE), or Kindle Fire (CLICK HERE) to access the directory.

A few words about the security of the online directory:

  • The directory resides on a secure server (notice the https in the web address)
  • The only people who can access the directory are those who have agreed to be listed in it, using their emails as logins and secure passwords.
  • An “outside” person cannot use your email address to gain access to the site, because a confirmation email is sent back to you as part of the registration process.
  • After you register for the site, PLEASE do not share your login information with anyone else.