Lake Shore members express their care for the world and its people through a variety of missions. For each of our mission emphases, a group of members has agreed to provide leadership. If you would like to be involved in any of these groups, please contact sharlande(at), and she will connect you with the group’s leader.

The Bread for the World/Hunger Advocacy Missions Group proactively works toward hunger relief and food security for all people by writing letters to their Senators and representatives in Congress. More information

The Caritas Missions Group is committed to supporting the efforts of Caritas, a food bank and thrift store, of Waco, where some members volunteer. Our primary way of contributing to Caritas is through the congregation’s annual Case Against Hunger food drive. More information

The Family Self-Sufficiency Missions Group supports FSS, an employment and savings incentive program for low-income families that have Section 8 vouchers or live in public housing. Six months of the year we host the meetings on the third Thursday of the month. Lake Shore volunteers prepare and serve meals at 5:15, and care for children from 6:00-7:00 during the parents’ meetings.  More information

The Global Missions Group educates and creates awareness of the “global” needs of persons around the world. In the past the Global Missions covenant group has helped our church respond to the Japanese tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, the needs of the Christian Mission to Gaza, getting water to a village in Cameroon, and now the plight of refugees on the road “from home to home.” The time commitment is generally a meeting every quarter for an hour or so. We also plan and coordinate the annual Soup Supper.

The Lake Shore Baptist Children’s Center Support Group is involved in supporting our Center staff and families by providing food for staff for special occasions or helping with a project at the Center such as organizing materials or helping a teacher with a special project. More information

The Meals on Wheels Mission Group’s goal is to keep the meals delivered in a timely fashion every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings with as few glitches as possible. Each driver has a time commitment of one morning a week at a maximum of between one and two hours. We line up substitute drivers if someone is going to be out. More information

The Mission Waco/Mission World Group’s purpose is to keep the congregation informed of various ministries at Mission Waco/Mission World as well as volunteer activities. Ministries range from the School Supply drive to the Christmas Toy Store where low income parents may purchase toys, taking gently used clothes to The Clothes Line, eating at World Cup Cafe, purchasing gifts at Fair Trade Market, helping with Bible study at My Brother’s Keeper, donating funds to help support children in Haiti. Volunteers may work as many hours as they choose. More information

The Shalom Children’s Center Mission Group had its origin in 2003, when Lake Shore collaborated with Christiana Owusu to establish a preschool in a rural village in Ghana. Shalom Children’s Center has thrived as an educational and spiritual center in the village. Members of the Shalom covenant group meet quarterly to discern how we can best continue to give financial and educational support to this mission partner in West Africa. See a video.

The Talitha Koum Mission Group supports the efforts of the Talitha Koum Institute, a ministry of CrossTies Ecumenical Church, that provides education and nurturing for at-risk children in the Kate Ross neighborhood. More information