Taking seriously Jesus’ instructions to love our neighbors, and considering the whole world our neighborhood, we challenge ourselves to spread the good news through word and deed.  We care for people in need; we speak out against injustice; we work to build a peaceful, compassionate world.

 Lake Shore Baptist Children’s Center

LSBCC provides a safe, comfortable learning environment for children 6 weeks through 5 years old.


Missions Table

The Missions Table is our model for doing missions  Each group is responsible for carrying out the work of its ministry.


Covenant Groups

A Mission Covenant Group is three or more people with a common interest in a particular ministry. They are invited to form a group to figure out how their mission will work at Lake Shore and write a covenant that that reflects their vision and practices. They educate the congregation about its ministry and invite others to participate.


Annual All-Church Missions Events

Caring Ministries