The Lake Shore youth group is made up of incredibly bright and radically gracious teenagers from the 7th through the 12th grade. Our goal is to make spaces where we, youth and adults together, can more fully learn what it is to encounter God through a variety of formational practices. All are welcome here as we engage that task together.

Weekly Meeting Times

Sunday Morning

Youth Sunday school time is always flexibly unique. We revisit this time periodically and ask the question: What do you want to do with this time? How can we help you do that? Currently, it is an extended check-in time in which we take turns sharing our stories from the week and carefully listening to one another. We end this time by praying for one another and heading over to worship together.

Sunday Evening

Our primary youth meeting time is on Sunday evenings from 5-7.

We begin by sharing a meal, before checking in again with one another. This check in is different. Each of us has a few moments to share 1.) What we are most grateful for this week, 2.) What we most regret this week, and 3.) How loved we are feeling on that evening. Then we take a few moments to prepare ourselves, and begin our Bible study. During this time, a leader will read a storytelling version of a Bible story through as everyone listens imaginatively and creatively. After a few moments of reflection, someone else will read as we capture what we notice or wonder about in a notebook, either in words or drawings. After a few more moments of silence, we’ll come back together to share what we noticed and further explore the story together. We end by praying for one another and praying the Lord’s Prayer together.

Every week a Weekly Youth Update is sent out to parents and volunteers reminding everyone of important announcements and reflecting on our Sunday evening youth meeting. Many times the announcements can be found in Shorelines.

Wednesday Evening

Wednesday evenings also vary from semester to semester, and typically do not meet over the summer. This year we voted on two groups. After dinner with the rest of the church, the youth meet to engage in one of two groups. First is a service group, in which there is a different service project each week ranging from weeding the Labyrinth to writing letters to sick members.  Second is an art group, in which a place is provided to use whatever media (drawing, sculpting, writing, etc.) the participant wants to respond to a prompt.

Annual Activities


At Mid-Winter retreat, Lake Shore joins with Calvary, 7th and James, First, and Dayspring at a Texas retreat center for the weekend for worship, small groups, and free time. The youth pastors from each church take turns leading and preaching.

Spring Retreat

For Spring Retreat, the Lake Shore youth group travels to Three Mountain Retreat in Clifton, TX for a weekend. The themes and topics of the retreat vary from year to year, but the emphasis is primarily on Sabbath, taking intentional time in the midst of a busy and stressful semester to rest and pray.

Fall Retreat

In the Fall, the group drives out to Meridian State Park for the weekend to camp in screened shelters. Again, the theme varies from year to year, but most of our time is spent engaged in a rhythm of free time, camping activities, Bible study, and prayer.

Passport Camp

Lake Shore has attended Passport summer camp for the past several years, alternating between locations and camps. For more information on Passport, go to

For more information about the way we approach youth ministry, or for more information on any of the weekly or annual activities, feel free to contact

At Passport Camp, 2017